Best Floor for Dogs

A Perfect Match for the Newest Home Interior Trends

We provide the best flooring for dogs –hands down—but having a pet-friendly floor no longer means giving up style for the sake of function. Our cork-backed Vi-Plank flooring doesn’t just wear incredibly well, it looks fabulous. And according to several top interior design sources, our product is a perfect match for the newest home interior trends.

The New Year brings with it a return to elegant, graceful design with a fresh focus on natural elements such as birds, feathers, flowers, and of course, wood. But the dark cherry and maple finishes so popular in recent years have given way to more non-traditional woods, including birch, walnut, oak and bamboo. With three different shades of oak finishes, Cork Vi-Plank fits perfectly into these new decorating schemes.

Lighter tones in flooring are also enjoying a re-surge in popularity, as designers are trending toward beach-inspired chalky pastels for paint, furniture and accessories. These faded tones of mint green, pale peach, soft blue and buttery yellow pair particularly well with the cool, pale finish of our Island Driftwood flooring.

Other design trends involve the entire family, as the economy and heightened environmental awareness nudges us toward greener, sustainable choices that reflect our commitments to health and home. People are opting to stay in their homes longer, taking on DIY remodeling projects that repurpose objects into new forms. Because of its incredible ease of installation, upgrading your home with our pet-friendly flooring is a DIY project just about anyone can fearlessly tackle. And there’s no fear of allergies or respiratory irritation – our low-allergy flooring resists mold, mildew and fungus growth. Finally, our favorite home design trend brings us back to our pooches and kitties. Interior designers across the country have noted a new focus on designing our homes to accommodate these precious “furry children.” From boutique-inspired pet furniture down to our warm, quiet, cork-backed flooring, more and more people are seeking to make their homes as pet-friendly as possible.