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Giving Back - Bentley

Giving Back - Bentley

Giving Back: Helping Dogs in Need

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Hi!  My name is Bentley.  People say I am a ball of white fluff, but I am really a rough and tumble little 4 year old Bichon Frise.  Of course, you would have never known what I was when my friend from Pet Friendly Flooring found me.  I was found at an abandoned house in a fenced in yard, with grass that was four feet tall.   My fur was so stinky and matted that it took three hours of being shaved to get all the matted fur off.  After being bathed twice, all of the dirt and stench was finally gone!   Then she took me to the Veterinarian where Pet Friendly Flooring paid for me to get all my shots and bring me back to health.

Thanks to Pet Friendly Flooring, I now have a loving home where I get lots of food and treats! I probably would not have survived much longer had they not rescued me and found me a home.