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Best Floor for Dogs

Natural White Oak



Natural White Oak waterproof LVP is ideal for homes with pets as well as any high traffic area, residential or even commercial. The classic and white oak pattern offers style and sophistication while providing the protection and security of our pet friendly luxury vinyl flooring. This pet friendly flooring is extremely durable, waterproof, and is as close to puppy proof as you can get.


Housebreaking a new puppy?  No need to stress, due to the 100% waterproof core and surface. The flooring is stable and durable and has an attached cork backing, offering resistance to mold and fungus, cutting down on noise, and keeping the floor warmer. No need for additional underlayment or gap spacers.  


This flooring can be used in high traffic areas and in high moisture areas. This flooring is for use in homes or businesses, so you know it can handle your active family! 

SQFT Calculator

Enter your room dimensions to calculate your square footage.  We recommend that you add an additional 7% (add wiggle room checkbox) to allow for the necessary cuts during installation.

Click here to calculate sqft

How Much Do I Need

Enter in your square footage to see how many cartons you will need

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Installation Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Work from left to right, inserting spacers at ends and edges where planks meet wall.
  2. Lock the short end of the plank, inserting tongue in groove at an angle and dropping in place. Continue to end of first row.
  3. Use leftover plank from first row to start the second row. Leave a least 20cm between plank end joints on adjacent rows. 
    For Tile Installation: Leave 30cm between joints.
  4. Lock long edge of plank in by Inserting tongue into grove at an angle and dropping in place. Slide blank toward the end of the previously installed plank until the tongue just touches the groove.
  5. IMPORTANT:  Tap long edge of plank with hammer and tapping block to ensure a tight fit. Any gaping can compromise the locking system.
  6. Attach a scrap piece of floor to bridge the gap between the ends of planks.
  7. Tap end of plank with hammer and tapping block to lock ends of planks together. Remove bridge and continue towards wall until installing the final plank in the row. BE SURE TO TAP ON EDGE OF VINYL SO AS NOT TO DAMAGE LOCKING PROFILE.
  8. Use hammer and pull bar to lock final piece in row. Insert spacer at end of row. Continue installation to final row.
  9. Use hammer and pull bar to lock long edges of planks on final row.


Click here for additional installation information