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Best Floor for Dogs

River Birch



River Birch waterproof LVP is a customer favorite.   The contrast and interest in this  pattern really makes a statement while providing the protection and security of our pet friendly luxury vinyl flooring. This pet friendly flooring is extremely durable and is virtually dog proof.  It's scratch resistant surface makes life with pets or children worry free.  Housebreaking a new puppy?  No need to stress, due to it's 100% waterproof core and surface.  It's textured pattern helps to prevent pups from slipping and sliding.  The flooring is stable and durable, making life at home comfortable.  And with it's attached cork backing, there is no need for additional underlayment.  This flooring can be used in high traffic areas and in high moisture areas.  This flooring  is for use in homes or businesses, so you know it can take your active family! 

SQFT Calculator

Enter your room dimensions to calculate your square footage.  We recommend that you add an additional 7% (add wiggle room checkbox) to allow for the necessary cuts during installation.

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How Much Do I Need

Enter in your square footage to see how many cartons you will need

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Installation Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Start in the corner. Turn the tongue side of the plank to the wall. Maintain a gap of 3/8” on the short side.
  2. Hold the next plank at an angle against the first one and lay it flat on the floor. Complete first row in the same way. Cut final plank of the first row to correct length. Start next row with the piece leftover [must be at least (12’’) long]. Ensure that end joints are staggered at least 12″
  3. Place first plank of the new row with the tongue side at an angle against the groove side of the plank in the previous row. Press forward and lay it flat at the same time.
  4. Place short end of the plank at an angle against the previous installed plank and fold down. Ensure that the plank is positioned on the integral locking strip of the plank in the previous row.
  5. Lift planks (together with the previous laid in the same row) lightly up [about 1-1/8’’], push it against the row in front and then put it down. Adjust the distance to the wall to 3/8’’when three rows are completed.
  6. Proceed installation as described above until reaching the opposite wall.
Click here for additional installation information