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Experience our pet friendly flooring for yourself

Designed especially for families with pets, children and active lifestyles. See for yourself how perfectly Cork Vi-Plank flooring will support your active lifestyle.

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Pet friendly flooring - dog and kid proof flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring’s Cork Vi-Plank is the perfect combination of classic cork plank and the new sophisticated luxury vinyl finish flooring.   Resulting in a completely new, pet-friendly flooring that is both beautiful and practical.

  • A Do-It-Yourselfer’s dream—requires no extensive floor preparation or expensive professional installation.
  • Withstands wear and tear, resists scratching and scuffing, cleans easily and requires no waxing.
  • Provides excellent indoor air quality with little or no VOC’s. It’s non-allergenic and resists fungal growth.
  • 2 layers of cork in the middle make it warm & quiet underfoot.
  • Luxury Vinyl finish keeps it looking new.

Why Choose Pet Friendly Flooring?

Vi-Plank’s elegant finish is suitable for every room in the house—even kitchens and bathrooms! Vi-Plank’s durable vinyl surface resists marks and scuffs. It’s resistant to spills, cleans easily, and retains its colorfastness, maintaining a like-new appearance for years. The natural cork core and built-in cork underlayment make Vi-Plank flooring warm and quiet, as well as provide extra sound insulation against the noises generated by a busy family.

Low-Allergen –  Allergy sufferers and those with asthma benefit from the healthy air quality inside a home fitted with Vi-Plank flooring.

Moisture Resistant –  No need to cry over spilled milk—or pet accidents. Wet messes wipe up easily and won’t leave behind stains or lingering odors.

Quiet – Two layers of cork provide excellent acoustic insulation, and the rich vinyl surface absorbs contact sounds—including the pitter-patter of little feet and the clicking of pets’ nails.

Easily Installed – Simply click together the 48″ planks.  Vi-Plank a perfect product for DIY applications.  Furniture does not even have to be removed from the room.

Easily Maintained – Clean with just a quick dusting and a damp mop. Even tracked-in dirt cleans up quickly, without leaving behind scratch marks.

New! Product Review by Thumbs Up!

Results: “Flooring is virtually water proof, scratch proof, low noise and is easy to install.” 

What makes our pet friendly flooring the best flooring for dogs?

  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • No additional underlayment required – it’s built in
  • Installs immediately with no extensive floor prep
  • Reduces noise giving you a quiet floor
  • Cork mid-layer provides comfort underfoot
  • Added warmth and insulation provided from cork mid-layer
  • Resists mold and mildew
  • No expensive glue or adhesives needed – no odors
  • Walk on immediately after installation
  • Tight fitting joints help to prevent moisture from seeping into seams

  • Clean easily with a damp mop

Cork mid layer flooring

Luxury Vinyl Finish

– durable, resilient
– will not chip or dent

Cork Mid-Layer

– comfort underfoot
– sound insulation
– enhanced resilience

HDF Core

– moisture resistant with Corkloc
– glueless installation profile

Attached Cork Underlayment

– provides added sound insulation
– no need for separate underlayment