Which flooring should I choose?

What is the difference between Micro-Bevel and Enhanced Bevel flooring?

The bevel is the definition between each luxury vinyl plank.  A micro-bevel creates a seamless look, with no defined spacing between the planks.  An enhanced bevel gives a more defined look between each plank.  Flooring that has an enhanced bevel has a more realistic wood floor look, even though the planks still fit together snugly without gaps between the LVP planks.

What does “realistic texture” mean?

The flooring styles that feature “Realistic Texture” have EMBOSSED-IN-REGISTER TECHNOLOGY. This is a rare texturing technique that makes the texture of the graining pattern match the visual of the graining pattern. Making these flooring collections really stand out with how realistic they appear and feel, but with the worry free lifestyle of COREtec Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

What does WPC mean?

WPC stands for Waterproof Foamed Core. The COREtec Originals Collection feature the WPC core. WPC offers:

Waterproof foamed core
  • Comfort - The foaming agent used in WPC flooring has less density.  Making these floors easier on the body and more comfortable to live with and on. 
  • Warmth - The expansion of the core works as an insulator which helps prevent the transfer of outside temperatures which can impact the flooring temperature. These floors are not as hot in the summer or cold in the winter.
  • Sound Abatement - Sounds are reduced from dropping something, and even from the pitter patter of paws or toes.  There is less transfer of the sound, due to the foaming agent found in WPC flooring.  
These floors are 100% waterproof, warm, comfortable and quiet.  Flooring with WPC is available with two different types of underlayment, cork and soft step.

What does SPC mean?

SPC stands for Solid Polymore Core.  SPC core is found in the COREtec Pro Collections.  These floors are more dense and dent resistant. 

SPC - Solid Polymer Core
  • Strength -These floors are tough enough to stand up in harsher environments, including light commercial areas.
  •  Performance - Higher density means an increased dent resistant and rigidity.
  • Durability - Designed to resist wear from high traffic environments.

SPC floors are more rigid than WPC or Mineral Core flooring, so they are not as soft underfoot.  They are specially designed for use in a high-traffic and can even be used in a light commercial settings, such as grooming salons, barber shops, pet boutiques etc.  They are also a great solution for residential settings if you are looking for extra durability. Of course, as with all COREtec flooring, they are 100% waterproof, pet proof, and kid proof.

What does Mineral Core mean?

Mineral Core

Mineral Core is  featured in the COREtec Scratchless collection.  The PVC-free construction allows for different finishing options from the WPC or SPC styles.

Mineral Core offers:

  • Dimensional Stability. The PVC free construction reduces the amount of movement caused by naturally occurring fluctuations in temperature.  
  • Rigidity.  Increased ridgidity enhances the overall performance of the COREtec Scratchless collection.
  • Finish Options.  Mineral Core expands on what is possible for flooring designs. Such as polished or matte finishes with a scratchless finish.

What is the COREtec Originals Collection

The COREtec Originals Collection was the first rigid core flooring to hit the market.  It is 100% waterproof, pet proof and kid proof flooring that is guaranteed to provide any home with style and comfort. The Originals Collection features a WPC core, which is easy to install, easy to clean and easy to live with.  There are over 200 colors to choose from and authentic wood visuals, so you can choose the perfect style for your home’s design aesthetic.  They come in a range of upgrade options so that you can find the right fit for your budget. 

The COREtec Originals consists of three subcollections, Classics, Enhanced, and Premium.

  • Classics - Good: A wide variety of looks, style and sizes and made for any budget.  They feature a micro-bevel for a seamless look and a thin or standard core.
  • Enhanced - Better: Feature innovative styling with visual depth for realistic wood looks. These floors featured enhanced bevels for added realism and definition in each individual plank.
  • Premium - Best: Features Embossed-In-Register technology. These floors are distinguished by their realistic graining texture, which bring their highly styled visuals to life.  Making these floors look and feel just like real hardwood.

What are the benefits of cork underlayment?

COREtec’s pre-attached cork underlayment provides a softer, quieter and warmer flooor.

Cork’s Benefits Are:

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable product.
  • Naturally repels water.
  • Excellent sound reduction.
  • Warm and soft underfoot.
  • Reduces impact stress.

What are the benefits of Soft Step Underlayment?

The newest underlayment from COREtec is called Soft Step, “Silence with every step.” 

Soft Step is available on select WPC flooring and features:

  • Quiet - Soft Step is rated 70% higher for sound absorption than other luxury vinyl flooring options.  This attached underlayment helps protect the sound you want to hear in your home and soften the sounds you don’t.
  • Warm - Soft Step has a 46% higher warmth rating than other WPC options, and 450% higher warmth rating than SPC options.  It gives you the durability you need without sacrificing comfort.
  • Sustainable - COREtec is dedicated to doing their part for people and the planet.  Soft Step is made from recycled content.  

COREtec Flooring Care and Maintenance

Can I use a steam mop on COREtec Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Only COREtec Scratchless styles are approved for using a steam mop.  Do not use a steam mop on the other COREtec flooring styles.

What type of cleaners can I use on COREtec Flooring?

COREtec flooring can be cleaned using water or a neutral PH floor cleaner, we recommend Encore, COREtec's specially formulated floor cleaner.  It is important to use the right cleaning products and tools while cleaning your COREtec flooring. 

Do not use products that contain the words wax, polish, shine or citrus. Some disinfectants contain chemicals that can stain, discolor and cause general harm to your flooring product.  Quaternary Ammonium Salts are among those that have been found to be harmful to your flooring when used over time.  Take care to choose pH neutral products only.  Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning agents that leave  dull residues on the surface of the flooring.  Products containing bleach and steam mops are not recommended.

Always pre-vacuum or dust mop floors before mopping to avoid abrasion while wet cleaning.  Use a broom, dust mop or a vacuum that does not have a rotating brush to remove dust and dirt regularly and prior to mopping.

How do I remove spots and stains from COREtec flooring?

As with any flooring surface, you’ll want to absorb wet spills as quickly as possible from COREtec flooring by blotting the spill with cloth towels or paper towels.  If necessary, rinse the area with water and blot dry. If the spot is dried, remove the spot by using gentle agitation, and then rinse with clean water and blot the area until dry.   

For stubborn spots that water or our Encore cleaner won't remove, use simple rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) with a clean white cloth. Do not use detergents or abrasive cleaners since these products can leave a dull residue.

How do I keep my COREtec flooring looking great?

Keeping your COREtec flooring looking it's best is easy with a few preventative steps. 

  • Use rugs at the entrances and doorways to prevent unnecessary tracking of dirt and grime.  Use rugs without latex or rubber backings to avoid possible discoloration.
  • Use non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, tables and chairs.
  • Always protect floors while moving heavy objects to prevent permanent scratches and tears.
  • Do not use tape or adhesive on floors.
  • Use appropriate window coverings to avoid direct sunlight on the flooring, which can fade the color of the flooring.
  • Avoid using mop and shine products or disinfectant cleaners on resilient flooring.
  • Only use PH neutral cleaners on your COREtec LVP.
  • Vacuum or sweep flooring regularly.  
  • Do not use vacuums with rotating brushes on LVP flooring.

COREtec Flooring Installation

How much flooring do I need?

The first step in determining the amount of flooring you need is to figure out your square footage. Measure the room's width and length. Multiply the two values together to come up with the square footage. We recommend adding an additional 15% to the total square footage to account for any necessary cuts and any errors made during installation.

You can enter the square footage into the Total Square Feet box at the top of the page and it will calculate the amount of cartons you will need for your project.  COREtec flooring is sold by the carton, so your calculation may have to add an additional box to cover your amount needed.

We have an easy to use square footage calculator that will add the 15% wiggle room for you. You can find the calculator and other helpful information on our resources page.

How do I install COREtec Flooring?

Our Pet Friendly Flooring planks are engineered for simple installation - which saves you time and money on professional installation, or lets you take on a DIY project. Check out our installation page for detailed instructions for each collection.

Do I need to use underlayment under my flooring?

Our Pet Friendly Flooring comes with an attached cork backing, which eliminates the need for any additional underlayment. Cork is a natural and sustainable product that does not emit harmful toxins into the air. The attached cork underlayment provides a natural sound barrier and provides cushion and softness underfoot.

Do you offer installation of COREtec Flooring?

We do not install the flooring, and we do not maintain a list of installers. We recommend you find a local installer if you do not want to install the flooring yourself. You can utilize online resources such as Google Reviews, Angie’s List or Home Advisor if you do not know of a local installer.

How do I calculate my square footage?

Enter your room's dimensions to calculate your square footage. We recommend adding an additional 15% to allow for the necessary cuts and any other installation errors or other circumstances.

How many cartons do I need to order?

Different styles of flooring cover a different amount of square footage.  Each product page has a calculator that will tell you how many cartons you will need when you enter in your room(s) sqft.  To determine your total sqft for your project, measure the rooms width and length and then multiply the two numbers.  You can use our SQFT calculator, or calculate it on your own.  We recommend that you add an additional 15% for the necessary cuts and any errors that may occur during installation.

Company & Ordering Information


Pet Friendly Flooring is a luxury vinyl plank flooring that is durable, scratch resistant, and practically dog proof.  Our floors have an extra thick wear layer that resists scratches and scuffs, because we all know that those puppy paws can be ruff on floors!  We have a variety of different styles and collections of Pet Friendly Flooring.  They come in different widths, patterns and colors to suit your style and lifestyle.   All of our floors are resistant to moisture, so you can rest easy when house breaking your four legged friends.  Check out the different collections to see if the pattern is waterproof or moisture resistant.


We ship samples to all of the continental United States with free shipping. In order to offer our flooring at the lowest possible cost to you, we do not ship flooring cartons for free. We do offer the lowest possible shipping we can find. Our storefront has a shipping cost calculator that uses our negotiated UPS rates, but once we receive an order, we compare that cost with all of our shipping providers. If we are able to find a lower shipping cost, we will refund the difference to you.

If you live near the Atlanta, Georgia area, you can pick up orders at our warehouse for no charge.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express. Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shopify Pay


Returned goods must arrive to our warehouse within 60 days of receipt of the order. All items must be unopened, undamaged and resealable. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges as well as a 20% restock fee.


Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime Limited
Structure Warranty: Wpc 15 Yr Com Ltd, Com Ub Bond 4100/4151
Waterproof Warranty: Wpc 15 Yr Com Ltd, Com Ub Bond 4100/4151
Petproof Warranty: Wpc 15 Yr Com Ltd, Com Ub Bond 4100/4151
Commercial Warranty: Wpc 15 Yr Com Ltd, Com Ub Bond 4100/4151


Residential Resilient Limited Warranty

Shaw Industries, Inc. (“the Company”) warrants its flooring products under this Limited Residential Warranty when used in the proper fit for use indoor residential applications. The warranty belongs to you, the original owner occupied end-use purchaser, and begins when you purchase the resilient and extends for the limited warranty period stated on the product specification.  The basis of any warranty related claim is the original “Company” invoice or authorized “Company” dealer. The flooring must be installed in accordance with the Company’s installation guidelines and specifications. The product must be maintained in accordance with the Company’s maintenance recommendations and such maintenance continues throughout the duration of the original installation. Damage resulting from a failure to follow installation and cleaning/maintenance guidelines will not be covered under this warranty. Installation guidelines, specifications, and product care recommendations can be obtained from your dealer. For additional information, please see the bottom of this page.


Manufacturing Defects – The Company warrants that the flooring product will be free from manufacturing defects during the period of this warranty. Manufacturing defects include but are not limited to delamination, core voids, thickness variation, and dimensional stability defects.  Dimensional stability related defects are defined as dimensional changes in the width and/or length of the product greater than the tolerances as defined in ASTM F2199.  Dimensional variation is defined as thickness, length, width and squareness measurements that exceed  ASTM tolerances. 

Wear – The Company warrants the resilient floor product will not wear through to the pattern/decor layer under normal use during the period of this warranty. Normal use is defined as light to moderate foot traffic.


For jobsite and floor preparation conditions, see product specific installation guidelines. Any moisture related testing (i.e. relative humidity, pH, and calcium chloride) is the responsibility of the installer.  


The following are not covered by this warranty:
● Damage caused by any of the following: 

  • Fire, burns
  • Flooding
  • Subfloor moisture emissions
  • Alkali emissions
  • Vacuum cleaner beater bar
  • Intentional or accidental abuse
  • Castor chairs/rolling loads – use chair pads under castor desk/rolling chairs
  • Moving heavy appliances
  • Cuts or gouges from sharp objects 

● Surface scratches unless covered by a scratch warranty
● Residual indentations or gouges resulting from heavy static loads, heeled shoes, spiked shoes, metal cleats or skates. Use floor protectors under stationary furniture legs/feet to distribute weight loads
● Changes in color or appearance resulting from, but not limited to, sunlight exposure or heat exposure
● Changes in shade, texture, or gloss over time
● Outdoor applications
● Minor shading, color, or texture difference between the store samples or marketing photography and delivered product
● Performance failures resulting from failure to follow the appropriate Shaw installation instructions
● Damage resulting from failure to follow Shaw care and maintenance guidelines including, but not limited to, use of non-approved cleaning agents or abrasive scouring pads
● Stains resulting from, but not limited to, spills, mold, chemically reactive materials, adhesives
● Losses due to inconvenience, loss of time, incidental expenses, or consequential damages 

This warranty excludes all casualty events normally covered by homeowners insurance including, but not limited to, damages caused by fire, flooding, or standing water from leaking plumbing, faucets, or household appliances.

Shaw products are not warranted against squeaking, popping or crackling. Some squeaking, popping, or crackling is possible when installed using floated methods. 

You, the original purchaser, will contact your authorized Company Dealer and/or Sales Representative for warranty or claim service.  Please provide a valid proof of purchase and a detailed description of the issue, along with photographs showing the concern.  Samples should be submitted for testing when available.
Dealers/Shaw Sales Representatives will file a claim via and submit the information you provided.  A Shaw claims representative will thoroughly evaluate your claim.  Claims contact information: Shaw Industries Financial Services, PO Box 2128, Dalton, GA 30722 - 1-800-446-9332 option 2.


Replacement resilient will come from current running-line products comparable to the warranted product.

Within Two Years: Claims on defects of this product as covered by this warranty that are reported in writing within two year of purchase, Shaw will arrange a credit based on the original purchase of the product or replace the product. If professionally installed, reasonable labor costs are included.

After Year Two: Claims on defects of this product, as covered by this warranty, that are reported in writing after two  years of purchase and within the specified warranty coverage term, Shaw will arrange a credit based on the original purchase of the product or replace the product. Labor costs are not included.
Should a defect covered under this warranty be found, the affected area will be repaired to conform to the warranty. If repair is not practical, the Company may, at its sole option, replace the affected resilient or refund the proportional purchase price for the affected area. The Company will pay the reasonable costs for freight and labor. Any additional costs incurred will be at the consumer’s expense.
NOTE: The warranty is not transferable. It extends only to the original owner occupied end-use purchaser. Shaw Industries Inc. does not grant to any person or entity the authority to create for it any obligation or liability in connection with this product. Shaw Industries Inc. shall not be liable to the consumer or any other person or entity for any incidental, special or consequential damages, arising out of breach of this limited warranty or any implied limited warranty (excluding merchantability).
All implied warranties, including an implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to the duration of this limited warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or the limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to the purchaser. This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights, such rights may vary from State to State.