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Easy maintenance scratch and scuff free hardwood flooring for pets

About Pet Friendly Floors

Special Hardwood Products along with our division, CorkDirect, offers nearly three decades of experience in the wood flooring business. CorkDirect, one of the first major sources of cork flooring, has been developing innovative flooring options for years. As lifetime pet owners, we’re well acquainted with the needs of families who share their homes with pets. Feedback from hundreds of our customers confirmed our belief that the market needed a new flooring option to meet the requirements of busy families.

Our new Cork Vi-Plank was born from this desire to marry style and function into a completely pet-friendly product. The result is warm, natural cork plank flooring with a rich vinyl finish that is virtually impervious to spills, stains and scratches. Because healthy pets and people require a healthy environment, Vi-Plank is low-allergen, moisture resistant and very quiet.

Designed especially for families with pets, children, and active lifestyles

Vi-Plank’s elegant finish is suitable for every room in the house—even kitchens and bathrooms! Vi-Plank’s durable vinyl surface resists marks and scuffs. It’s resistant to spills, cleans easily, and retains its colorfastness, maintaining a like-new appearance for years. The natural cork core and built-in cork underlayment make Vi-Plank flooring warm and quiet, as well as provide extra sound insulation against the noises generated by a busy family.

Low-Allergen. Allergy sufferers and those with asthma benefit from the healthy air quality inside a home fitted with Vi-Plank flooring.

Moisture Resistant. No need to cry over spilled milk—or pet accidents. Wet messes wipe up easily and won’t leave behind stains or lingering odors.

Quiet. Two layers of cork provide excellent acoustic insulation, and the rich vinyl surface absorbs contact sounds—including the pitter-patter of little feet and the clicking of pets’ nails.

Easily installed as the 48” planks simply click together—making Vi-Plank a perfect product for DIY applications.
When remodeling, furniture does not have to be removed from the room.

Easily maintained with just a quick dusting and a damp mop. Even tracked-in dirt cleans up quickly, without leaving behind scratch marks.

Sample Kit containing all six planks is available for quick delivery.

Water proof, kid and pet safe flooring

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