Customer Reviews

Want to know what some of our customers think of their Pet Friendly Flooring?  Here are a few reviews.

“This product is outstanding.”

I received my floor last Friday in excellent condition. I can’t believe how fast you got it shipped to me. This product is outstanding. It was so simple to install and my dogs love it. The name pet friendly was the perfect choice name for it. I would highly recommend it for anyone with pets. It has been a total pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you!

After almost two years!…”

I have had my 1,200 square feet pet friendly (Cork Vi-Plank) floor down almost 2 years and it is great. I keep my very large doberman inside and don’t have to worry about the floor getting scratched or pet stains. The floor installation went very smooth and was done and furniture back in place in less than a day. In addition, maintaining the floor is very easy. I can say only good things about the floor.

Atlanta, GA

“We ABSOLUTELY love it!”

My husband and I recently ordered 23 boxes of your Weathered Pine for our living room. We ABSOLUTELY love it! There is 1 box left over, and we thought we could do our small hallway (of which we did not plan to do when we placed the order). It is so beautiful. I have attached 2 photos of the finished flooring.
Thank You! Sherri, Mari, MI

“Remember me?  We’re changing the bedroom & hall floors now.  Got a story for you:”

In May 2015, I contracted with our usual remodeling company to replace the carpeting in our hallway & bedrooms.  I “specked-out” your product, ordered the samples, and showed them to our contractor.  At the time, he was subcontracting with another company to install all his flooring.  I didn’t have a good feeling about the other flooring, but, our contractor has been doing our work for years, and I trusted his expertise.   The other company talked me out of using your product and to go with theirs.

I was so disappointed with the end result, I cried.  It was horrible!!  I refer to it as my “plastic doll house flooring”.  The other company insisted it was a much better product than yours, and would match more closely to genuine wood.  Nothing could have been farther from the truth!!  440 square feet of “plastic-doll-house-flooring”, installed, cost me $5,338.00!!  The installation was a joke.  The installers were so lazy, they laid the bedrooms separately from the hallway and added transition strips in the doorways.  The transition strips in the bedroom closets resemble gray duck tape.  As a business owner myself, I am not in favor of filing negative, online reviews.  My contractor has since stopped using the other company.

Visitors to our home can review both floors and see just how superior your product truly is.  However, this comparison is about to come to an abrupt end.  Our new flooring contractor, Higley Flooring, Inc., will be installing your flooring as soon as it arrives.  He will actually be going directly over the existing floor, as the other product was so paper thin.  Dan Higley of Higley Flooring is certainly impressed.

Thanks again!! Kelly, Cambridge, MN

“This floor is beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone with multiple pets”

I was so nervous about ordering this from Georgia (living in NJ) sight unseen.

My order arrived in great condition and very quickly. My son installed it and said how easily it went down. Within 24 hours it got tested by the oldest of my 4 dogs, with paint drops, and new appliances moving in. All wiped up easily and quickly with no staining and no scratch marks. This floor is beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone with multiple pets.

Also, I wanted to thank you for being so understanding and helpful to me. You helped ease my tension about ordering this floor. I’ll be ordering more flooring from you when I start on the bedrooms. Thanks again.

Wildwood, NJ


 I have 2 very active pups who have not once damaged this floor

I have had your flooring down in my great room for about a year and a half now and just love it. I have 2 very active pups who have not once damaged this floor. I am building a new house and I plan on using it all through my house except for the bathrooms. Thanks for such a great floor!!


It looks incredible!

I am attaching a picture of the flooring – it’s still a little dusty (the installers had just finished) but it looks incredible!! I love it more than I thought I would! As you can see, the house is still a work in progress – but the comments from the few folks who have been in the house are high praise for the flooring!!

You guys get a thumbs up from us! Now we just hope the dogs and cats love it as much.

Take care and thanks for all your help!

Barb M.

“We ALL love our flooring!”

We ALL love our flooring. The dogs especially. Here is Ellie showing her favorite spot.

Macon, GA